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What Our Client Are Saying

Not only did he and his team do a phenomenal job on the logo, they got the job done basically in 3 days!!!

Charles L.

This design expresses my essential belief in the power of positive interaction and working toward a cause.?I could not have done it without Jason and his wonderful team.

John G.

Jason and the Voco team went above and beyond our requests to get the?logo?just right for our tango ensemble. We now have the perfect?logo…

Professional, and attentive?Jason took his time to perfect our?logo?for MedEx and was able to provide an outstanding result. Later that week the?logo?was ready to go…

Mohammed A.

I’m glad I ended up using?Voco?as opposed to any of the other logo design firms that are out there, I have had many compliments on my?logo?and has given me the professional image I needed.

Michael F.
Frisco Bay Construction

All the reviews about this place are correct. ?Jason and Voco Design & Marketing are the best!! Very responsive and professional.

We had an artist’s drawing for our?logo?and Jason was able to turn our idea into a useable, beautiful, vectorized?logo…

Carrie V.

Available Packages

Economy Logo

  • 4 Unique Logo Design Concepts
  • 1 Voco Graphic Artist
  • * *
  • 1 FREE revision set
  • No clip art used, ever.
  • Logo in all major file formats
  • All source files provided
  • * *
  • * *
  • * *
  • * *
  • 2-3 Day Turnaround

Business Logo

  • 8 Unique Logo Design Concepts
  • 3 Voco Graphic Artists
  • 1 FREE all concepts redraw
  • 5?FREE revision sets
  • No clip art used, ever.
  • Logo in all major file formats
  • All source files provided
  • * *
  • * *
  • * *
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2 Day Turnaround

Enterprise Logo

  • 12 Unique Logo Design Concepts
  • 4 Voco Graphic Artists
  • Unlimited FREE total redraws
  • Unlimited FREE revisions
  • No clip art used, ever.
  • Logo in all major file formats
  • All source files provided
  • Business Card Designs Incl.
  • Envelope & Stationary Design Incl.
  • Printing Included
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3 Day Turnaround


But having a solid logo is about more than just making a good first impression. Here are some additional points to consider

1) Your Logo Builds Initial Trust
Before a consumer walks in your store or logs on to your website, they will have developed a first impression of your company, partly by your logo. If your logo is highly professional, you’ll likely help customers feel like your business is a professional one too.

2) Your Logo Attracts New Customers.
An effective, memorable and downright awesome logo can inspire customers to do business with you or remember your brand when they have the need you can fill. Make sure your business looks great on the outside, AND in.

3) Your Logo Help You To Stand Out From Competitors.
It’s true, do a simple Google search and you’ll see a myriad of totally forgettable companies. Distinguishing yourself from competitors with a killer logo is vital to winning over new potential customers. We will design a logo design that will help you stand out, guaranteed!

4) Keep Your Loyal Customers.
Don’t let competitors snag your best customers. If your brand and your logo are rock solid, your customers will be less likely to try the new guy in town with the slightly lower prices and snazzy logo!

Why wait? Let’s get started!

Here is our logo creation process: