If you have a small online business, you may or may not have?already received the recommendation of turning your website into a responsive or mobile friendly website. But have you ever wondered what the fuss is about and why is it essential to have a mobile friendly website in order to get the most out of your business? We are here to help you find the answer. We have taken the liberty of mentioning the three most prominent reasons why having a mobile friendly website is your way to go in the current era of internet and technology.

1) Customers’ Expectations:-

The first and the foremost reason behind choosing a mobile friendly website is the expectations of your customers. It has been estimated that the amount of time people are spending on smart devices has toppled the time that they spend on personal computers and laptops. Majority of the people prefer to make use of their smart phones in order to gain information off the internet. This is why it is important to have a responsive website that detects the device that is being used to visit it and resize itself accordingly. Otherwise, you’re keeping your audience to a measly number of individuals who still use their laptops to surf the internet.



2) Google Penalty:-

You may be familiar with the fact that Google has started to penalize the websites which are not mobile friendly by making them appear last in the google results. It has been implemented in order to make sure that all of the users utilizing a smart phone to surf the internet have a satisfying experience and gain the information that they were looking for. Presenting the non-mobile friendly websites right at the top would imply that half the results are not going to be useful for the mobile users and hence, Google wouldn’t exactly be doing its job in the first place.

3) Business:-

Last but not the least, as evident from the information mentioned above, you are at the verge of losing a lot of your business provided that your website is not mobile friendly. By appearing last in the google results and not fulfilling the expectations of your customers in the first place, they are destined to look for an alternative and it is highly unlikely that they won’t be able to find one. By keeping a non-mobile friendly website for your business, you are destined to see a downwards spike in your?business, sooner or later.

Since Google has started rewarding the websites with a responsive design and mobile optimization, there is no point in not opting for it. All you have to do is clear Google’s new mobile friendly test and you’re all set to have the potential of appearing right at the top of the Google results. You may be able to beat a lot of your competition no matter how old or established they may be provided that you have given yourself an edge of being mobile friendly. What else could you possibly ask for? Get started here!